With Yours, the notions of art, poetry, and form collapse into one of the most singular approaches to comics in recent memory. Ferrick's intimate love letters read as both a confession and a seduction.

Margot Ferrick is based in Chicago. Their work has appeared in numerous anthologies, as small-run editions with presses such as Sonatina and Perfectly Acceptable, and in galleries in Baltimore, Virginia, Chicago, Scotland, and San Francisco.

Their spare, crushingly meaningful choice of text is similar to the words left behind on the back of a photograph. The Comics Journal

Margot Ferrick makes reading a true act of synesthesia. I hear their colors, and feel rhythms in the repetition of their words and how they draw their letters. They are breaking down the boundaries of what we consider a "comic book", turning words into pictures and pictures into punctuation. It’s not just formalism—Yours has a visual poetry all it’s own, expressing on behalf of the protagonist, a desire and longing that goes right to my heart.
— Lauren Weinstein

There is so much love in Margot's lines. Their art is so brave! I have never seen drawing like this before.
— Anna Haifisch