Well Come
Erik Nebel

100 pages
5.5 × 8.5 inches
full color offset
perfect bound

  • A window into a surreal, spiritual world that twists and turns unexpectedly from one emotion to another. Well Come emotes with bright color and pathos.

    Erik Nebel is a non-binary Speech-Language Pathologist, who works with students that are non-verbal and students with Autism and students who are Emotionally Disturbed. Part of their therapy with these students involves drawing pictures as a way to communicate, instead of using words. Well Come, originally published by Yeti Press, is in part, a result of these drawings.

    Truly strange. It's like stills from an unrealized, slightly scary kid's show.
    — Alex Schubert, creator of Blobby Boys and Vice contributor

    "Characters" are identified; "plot" is ascertained; "actions" are linked, "consequences" experienced; and emotions – true emotions – felt. [...] There is something satisfyingly jazz-like in Nebel’s effort. The Comics Journal