Through her dense drawings, Powerpaola is able to show us the magic in the mundane.
— Inés Estrada

Powerpaola has a gift for expressing an entire world with a thin black line, building up textures and details that are a joy to get lost in. In Virus Tropical, her memories of a unique family life are so vividly portrayed that you feel like you are living through all the laughter, joy, tears and door-slamming right along with her. It's a treat of a book.
— Sarah Glidden

In Virus Tropical, Powerpaola uses a series of vignettes to transform the simplicity of middle-class family life into a thought-provoking narrative that would have been inconceivable prior to Colombia's sexual revolution. Focusing on the lives of a family of women in the 80's-90's, Powerpaola's tale highlights the excitement, danger, and struggles of a country in the midst of radical change.

Rich experimental visual storytelling. Bomb

A frayed patchwork of tension and love. Publishers Weekly

Both true and surreal, unmistakably personal in their distorted contours, but universal in their insights about sisterhood and adolescence. The Globe and Mail