Things You Carry
Vincent Stall

96 pages
6 × 6 inches
3 color cover
2 color interior

  • Things You Carry [is] amazing. — Farel Dalyrmple

    I would love to see more creators try and limit themselves this way, with no words and no facial expressions. It really forces Stall to draw environments that have emotions. Inkstuds

    Pieces of paper in the shape of the letters “N O” fall from the sky. Upon landing, these slips of paper letters spell out “NOW” and like the snapping of fingers, the true story begins. Things You Carry is a visually stunning wordless mediation on isolation and loss.

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    [Things You Carry] possesses an intrinsic value best to keep close at hand, a meditation … on comics — a comic’s comic. Comics Bulletin

    It’s all very quiet and beautiful and, while open to interpretation, “Things You Carry” feels like a homecoming story to me. At the end there’s a definite sense that things are right with this world, no matter the mess. It all just comes together. Indie Reader