Summer Carnival
Jake Terrell

24 pages
5 × 7 inches
1 color risograph
printed by Matt Davis at Perfectly Acceptable in Chicago

  • Really liking this.
    — Sammy Harkham

    I want to whisper through the feathery light hair of Jakes Terrell's characters. They're beautifully drawn!
    — Anna Haifisch

    Jake Terrell has spent his time well learning to manipulate a fine pen line so that it resembles the amorphousness and confusion of daily life and human interaction. In his work I feel the dizziness of knowing other people.
    HTML Flowers

    Summer isn't over yet! There is one last party: Summer Carnival! Jake Terrell's line is ALIVE with a refreshing youthfulness and spontaneity. Jump in and explore an all too brief taste of magical realism and memory quickly conjured with an airy exuberance. A delight and a joy!