Sound of Snow Falling
Maggie Umber

104 pages
6.8 × 8.5 inches
full color offset

This item ships June

A paint and paper documentary, observing great horned owls in their natural habitat.

Sound of Snow Falling is a graphic novel done in a poetic documentary mode. In this unique work, the reader becomes a voyeur of the natural world, following a great horned owl family through the dead of winter. Extensively researched and expressively painted, Sound of Snow Falling is a triumph of the comics form.

Maggie Umber is a cartoonist and associate publisher at 2dcloud. Sound of Snow Falling is her second graphic novel.

Mesmerizing... As in nature, the more you look, the more you see.
— Julie Zickefoose, author & illustrator of Baby Birds: An Artist Looks Into the Nest, The Bluebird Effect: Uncommon Bonds with Common Birds, and Letters from Eden: A Year at Home, In the Woods

Umber beautifully uses comic form to take the reader through intimate movements in nature.
— Aidan Koch