Party Food Playing Cards


A deck of cards starring characters from the Party Food // Prizon Food Universe. Art Direction & Design for this bad little doggie: Eric Schuster AND, uhhh, Party Food??

YEs, we are in the cylindrical coordinates of Party Food Univers-ity. Where our classmates include:

Allegra Denton, Ryan Hanson, Niklaus Hofer, Angela Zammarelli, Sean Lynch, Chris Crammer, Karen O'Bryan, Grace Danico, Hannah Haugberg, Eric Carlson, Sean Monahan, Will Hayes, Andrea Burgay, Jack Gillette, Jessie Schneider, Joe Gillette, Brian Haines, Alex Pederson, Nate Anderson, Evan Palmer, Eric Schuster, Anna Bongiovanni, Lyndsey Lesh, Josh Atlas, Bee Harris, Josh Purple, Joe Kramm, George Folz, Dan Dreke, Joseph Lunders, Mako Hamura, Shea Bartel, Jangojim, Sarah Hedlund, Maria Lopez.