Secure Connect
Carta Monir

24 pages
5 × 7 inches
1 color risograph

Carta’s comics are so unusually intimate — I end up craving the way they make me feel bare and bashful.
— Carolyn Nowak

Secure Connect: For the first time, a peek into an anonymous online support group and the secrets it holds. Internal conflict, raw emotion, and absolute confidentiality meet in this story that blurs the line between autobio and fiction.

Carta Monir lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She is a cartoonist and podcast host.

I've read many, many comics about the experience of trans people. Some were direct, personal and informative. Some were funny as well, using humor as a way to defuse some of the pain of the transition process (and life before transition). No comic has given me the opportunity to crawl inside the brain and heart of a trans person the way that Monir's comic did. The conceit is simple: a trans woman is given a computer program by her therapist that will connect her with a highly intimate, virtual support group. It's one where raw honesty is its most important aspect. The comic follows one such session, two months after she received the program. Read More