Salz & Pfeffer
Emilie Gleason

76 pages
5 × 7 inches
perfect bound
color cover w/ spot gloss
b&w interior

  • Salz & Pfeffer immerses us in Émilie Gleason's taboo-soaked world of the inane and the intellectual, the profane, profound, and parodic. Abduction, damnation, hell, brainwashing, fart jail, murderous machinations, magical kingdoms are all bandied about as Gleason lets loose across 76 pages of pencil-born sequential art. A gorgeously illustrated funny book bound to inspire laughter and concern, Salz & Pfeffer will earn a place in your farty heart.

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    A rollicking adventure in surrealism.
    — The Comics Beat

    Émilie Gleason's comics have a visceral punk aesthetic on top of an absurd sense of humor. You can't beat that combination. — Noah Van Sciver