Justin Skarhus

22 pages
3.25 × 4.25 inches
3 alternate covers
black & white interiors

  • An Art Brut ghost story based around ideas of new media and its cycle towards disposable or vapid entertainment. TV Casual T. Nelsons in a pocket-size pamphlet. Limited run, multiple covers.

    Skarhus is an interesting thinker, and I like the way he juxtaposes simplistic scenes of violence that are the core of most genre comics with a sort of phenomenology of the entire experience of exploring the space, experiencing the fight and watching the fight all at once, both as a "real" event and as a contrived ritual done for putative entertainment. Rob Clough

    [A] discrete objet d’art. Inside, it offers a dizzying descent into wavy black and white lines, like an old TV scramble, toward an authoritarian environment of some possible future reality.
    — Justin Giampaoli, Poopsheet Foundation