Andy Burkholder

248 pages
5.5 × 7 inches
paperback w/ band
2 color cover
b&w interior

Burkholder uses line in fresh and startling ways to cast new light on humanity's most enduring obsession.
— Anya Davidson

This book will fold your brain like a paper crane.
— Lane Milburn

These are surrealist inner monologue gags of the id, thoughts projected, constructed in the finest kinky lines.
— Lale Westvind

A truly funky affront on comics form.
— Scott Longo

Fresh, urgent, ephemeral. — The Comics Journal

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Qviet takes sex and does to it what it does with its own rubbery, loose-lined, exuberant, exhilarating cartooning: twists it, stretches it, turns it inside out, makes unexpected connections, uses it to reveal things that usually stay hidden away. — The Comics Journal

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