Christopher Adams

32 pages
5.5 × 8.5 inches
black & white interiors

  • Period is a wordless and sometimes conceptual fable that follows the day to day of a working class family. The magic and mystery is in the telling. Adams’ Period surfs sine waves of pencil and gouache harmonics. Voyeuristic rhythms; TV dinners, celibate sinners, and paranarrative bread winners. Run-ons, also-ran — cross the finnish line and gulp down some of that red wine.

    Period opens up with us looking at the sea, making us feel small. We then delve into the lives of a fam­ily, a telephone company employee, and guys hanging out playing with electric toy cars. The details documented are minuscule, juxtaposed with moments that remind us just how BIG things, important things, are happening in our world. Brown Paper Bag

    This comic works because of Adams' chunky line and attention to detail; the reader is drawn to every panel as an event worth watching, even as Adams draws the reader's eye across the page quickly. Rob Clough

    Period is a bold statement on the notion that larger things are happening in the world (like, say, a robust covert program of lethal UAV drone strikes) while we dutifully go through our daily routines and sometimes monotonous obligations to work, family, and friends.
    — Poopsheet Foundation