Luke HoldenNicholas BreutzmanRaighne Hogan

72 pages
5.5 × 7.5 inches
perfect bound book
color cover
black & white, 2 color, and spot 4 color interior

  • Motherlover is by Nicholas Breutzman, John & Luke Holden, and Raighne Hogan, with a foreword by Rob Clough. Funding provided in part by kickstarter.

    Motherlover is a tightly-knit anthology, modeling itself off of Drawn & Quarterly’s since retired annual showcase. This one-off volume pairs Minnesotan creators Nicholas Breutzman, John & Luke Holden, and editor Raighne Hogan together for woodsy and weird excursions in dark comedy. Mood rings, disaffected twenty-somethings in NYC, unsupervised nine-year olds in the pursuit, nay, NEED, of finding a porno tape, and suburban white boys buying fake crack — Minnesota’s finest!

    [Motherlover] has a way of evoking dread and malaise in equal measure.
    — Rob Clough

    Breutzman’s style is unusual in that he mixes naturalism in terms of his backgrounds and character designs with slightly loose, rubbery expressions on his characters’ faces.
    — The Comics Journal

    ...the world is weird and the world is uncomfortable.
    Comics Bulletin