Little Heart: A Comic Anthology for Marriage Equality

176 pages
5 × 6 inches
color covers
black & white & color interior
perfect bound

  • Little Heart is a comic anthology created to show support for marriage equality. The comics included in the volume, much like the creators themselves, come from and cover a diverse range of backgrounds and subject matter to emphasize that love indeed strikes all walks of life. Little Heart contains new work and unique collaborations from big name and upcoming authors alike: Emily Carroll + Kate Craig, Maurice Vellekoop, MariNaomi, Michael DeForge, Annie Mok + Sam Sharpe, Noah Van Sciver and many many others. Up and coming cartoonist Jeremy Sorese's contribution placed Little Heart in the 2013 Jeff Smith edited edition of Best American Comics.

    This project was spawned by the very urgent need to fight the 2012 referendum that seeks to instill discrimination and hate in the Minnesota state constitution. Funded in part via Kickstarter.

    Featuring a cover by Tuesday Bassen and an introduction from the Director of the Toronto Comics Art Festival's Christopher Butcher.

    Full contributor list: Emma Reynolds, Tim Sievert, Michael DeForge, Alex Fukui, Ellen Redshaw, Archie Bongiovanni, Hannah Blumenreich, Megan Tulius, Hedwig Vinson + Rachel Kowarski, Christopher Adams, Milkyboots/Virginia Paine, Luke Holden, Annie Mok + Sam Sharpe, Tammy Ray, Noah Van Sciver, Sally Madden + Matt Wiegle, Jeremy Sorese, Emily Carroll + Kate Craig, Sean Lynch, Joseph Remnant, MariNaomi, Maurice Vellekoop, Zak Sally, Raighne, Maggie Umber

    I’m excited that Little Heart [was] made... not just because I think that works of art like this can make a difference, but because this is a book I want to read. Comics Alliance

    [T]he variety of styles and point-of-views make that book a good tool to discuss the issue. The Gay Comics List

    There's no question that it's a beautifully designed book, as all 2dcloud projects tend to be, and I hope that it makes a difference. Rob Clough

    One of the great things about the book is its diversity; some pieces are in color, some in black and white, some are short and some are long, some offer traditional comics panels, some are more collage-y or use free-floating prose, some use straight text as a narrative tool, while some are much more open to interpretation. They’re all comics that show the great versatility of the medium, perhaps like the dynamic nature of human sexuality and relationships themselves...It’s a great batch of comics, with an even greater mission. Grade A.
    — Poopsheet Foundation