It Felt Like Nothing
Fifi Martinez

24 pages
5 × 8 inches
full color offset

  • A small zine that feels like a cassette demo, filled with short unfinished first take tracks about love, heartbreak, and feelings.

    Past lovers bleed into one another as moody sketches and hazy memories. It Felt Like Nothing is both colorful and murky, much like unrequited love.

    Fifi Martinez is a cartoonist and musician based in San Diego.

    Anyone can feel the soft, painful vulnerability in Fifi Martinez’s work. The brash depictions of her personal relationships and lonely, depressive internal monologue emit an honest intensity that can make anyone reflect on their past life with tears. Her frantic line work and obsessive layering carries the reader through the anxiety of her life. Fifi’s persistent growth as an artist and person can only inspire hope in the insecure and miserable. — Lizz Hickey, Jammers