2dcloud is a different kind of label. Its power infrastructure is not top down, but peer oriented. Artists and the publishing entity itself operate as equals and together create work that is an extension of the artist rather than a product of commerce. This results in strange and unprecedentedly beautiful books.

Raighne — co-founder / creative director
Maggie Umber — co-founder / programmer
Melissa Carraher — associate publisher / publicist
Nayef Nebhan — assistant publisher / bookkeeper
Stephen Hayes — editor / design lead
Kyung-Me — artist / soundboard
Ash H.G. — artist / soundboard
Casey Carsel — operations director
Annabelle Dunstan — operations assistant
Keiler Roberts — advisor
Saman Bemel-Benrud — advisor

Consortium Book Sales & Distribution, LLC.
34 Thirteenth Avenue NE, Suite 101
Minneapolis, MN 55413-1007
www.cbsd.com, Orders: (800) 283-3572

I had a hard time coming up with a way to say this — I want to read all of [ 2dcloud’s ] books. [ 2dcloud is ] one of the few publishers who consistently puts out material I love. Maybe that's better than the quote below.

2dcloud has a specific, idiosyncratic voice, like that of an artist. It’s a point of view that’s recognizable, but hard to define. It’s art books-meet-comics with a sense of warmth, humanity and vulnerability. It’s pain, with hope, always beautiful and surprising.
— Keiler Roberts, author of Rat Time, and Chlorine Gardens

Nobody is publishing weird, avant-garde, and visually innovative art comix like 2dcloud. It’s the kind of work that, by its very nature, will never be lucrative, but they do it because they believe in artists, and I believe in them.

I want to see art with a unique hand. I want artists that tell stories no one else can. I want my visual vocabulary expanded when I look at what you do. Comics that look how a comic should look are for babies and for the birds.
— Julia Gfrörer, author of Laid Waste, and Black is the Color