I Don't Hate Your Guts
Noah Van Sciver

30 pages
5 × 7 inches
full color

  • 30 Days in the life of Noah Van Sciver.

    Projects a moment of contentment that will make any reader smile. Comics Bulletin

    Brought to visual life in Van Sciver’s customarily unostentatious but highly expressive and detailed cartooning style, “I Don’t Hate Your Guts” has a most unlikely charm ... this one’s an absolute must-buy. Broken Frontier

    This collection of diary comics by Noah is loaded with self-loathing, sharp humor and romantic charm. Largehearted Boy

    some of the best $5 you spend a[ll] year. Panel Patter

    Watch as Noah slowly implodes into a tragically self-destruc…WHAT THE?! He gets a girlfriend?!!?! Neil Brideau