Gustave Flaubert Trois Contes
Christopher Adams

24 pages
5 × 7 inches
1 color risograph

  • A seahorse guides the reader through CB radio chatter, intimate apartment living, dinosaur sitcoms, and the authors own memories.

    Gustave Flaubert Trois Contes is a comic that is paced like a film, shot all in one take — thoughts and dialogue are indiscriminately conjured on the page, making for a stream of consciousness styled reading experience.

    Christopher Adams is an artist and musician. He has published several books with 2dcloud including "Strong Eye Contact" and "Yule Log", both listed as "Notable" in Best American Comics.

    'Gustave Flaubert Trois Contes' beguiled me on my first read and opened up to greater and greater depths on each return visit. It is a funny and complex book about the porous border between art and life that operates on more than trois levels—a comic about its own making whose self-awareness is intimate and revelatory. — Conor Stechschulte, Generous Bosom

    Wtf did I just read? I've gone back to it over and over and the details get funnier and more bonkers with each pass. There are so many subtleties, it's not for the casual reader. Must pace with pure joy, this arcane glimpse into the mind of Chris Adams. — Melissa Foley-King, Harford County Public Library

    haha wow this is really weird chris. ok oh jeez i've never tried to blurb before it's harder than i thought! if you enjoy a one-word blurb i would say "disorienting" which i mean as a compliment but it might not read that way i guess? dunno? i put a letter complaining about how my comics suck on the back of my book so i might have a different approach to this than someone else in general i now realize lol or how about: "Like finding out you're the people in Powers of Ten just before getting kicked out of the theater you're watching it in." i worked on that one! is that a blurb? i might not know how to do this also can i just say i am in love with this radiator you drew i don't know why — Dina Kelberman, I'm Google