SPX 2013 in Rear-View

By 2D Cloud on 01 October 2013


Wherever are the gigsaanmb shirk. Sam r PAryy

-- I am paraphrasing a bit here, but SPX was just as good or maybe even better the second time around. Lotta fun meeting folks like Zack Soto at Study Group, Danithan at Foxing Quarterly, many many others, in the flesh for the first time.


Going to bed at 1am and getting up TWO HOURS LATER to head to Bethesda is the makings of a strange trip.


As we were touching down in neighboring Wisconsin for the first leg of our journey, the sun just started to come up. Still too early.


It's hard to play off using your flash to capture a photo of a butt on a plane w/o looking reeeeally strange. I just pretended I was writting a very important email. Photo for a certain Dan Bee Tulius.


By the time Bongio finally arrived, Justin and I were rightly tossed -- initially from a lack of sleep -- but later from the REAL STUFF. Walking over to a real liquor store was rewarded with a big dude in a grocery store uniform chugging a half gallon of strawberry nestle quik. #TGIF


Anna's ear and Jen Vaughn's elbow. I tell you, I am an idiot savant when it comes to photography! Or maybe just an idiot. Ok ok, I failed photography in 8th grade...


I did capture Peter Wartman's smiling mug. If you are unfamiliar w/ this dude, last month we featured a post-mortem on the site of his new book, Over the Wall, from Uncivilized.


I took a bunch of photos of this guys shoes. They were AMAZING. I forget his name now, but he works for Puny in LA.


This was one of the more amazing experiences from the weekend. Anna and I got to watch this attendee read the entirety of Out of Hollow Water right before our eyes, AND SHE REALLY ENJOYED IT!! (even tho' it is a little dark and intense).


Here is another shot of Anna talking about Out of Hollow Water to that same attendee. Such a positive experience!


About half of the 2DC crew. Being that we only have 1 table and something like 5 artists signing, not to mention Justin and I (Raighne, for those who don't know), this is the first show we started doing split shifts at in 2012, which has worked well for this year's shows. Pictured from left to right: Justin Skarhus, Sharon Lintz, Christopher Adams, Anna Bongiovanni. Unpictured: Saman Bemel-Benrud, Noah Van Sciver, myself. I am bad at remembering to take photos and even worse at finding appropriate times and people to take photos of...


Post Ignatz Awards, Sat. night nonsense begins. First up is Darren Aronofsky's The Chocolate Fountain. Had a lot of fun w/ the CCC crew that weekend.


Dre Grigoropol snapping photos of longhair (AKA, Noel Freibert) and I snapping photos of Dre Grigoropol snapping photos of longhair (AKA, Nole Freebert) and I snapping photos of Dray Grigoropoll snapink photoz of loghare ache Nobird dani...


Photo by Dre Grigoropol of, yessss.


We survived the night, now back to the floor for Sunnnnday. Here's Tom Neely, keeping w/ Sparkplug tradition. Speaking of Sparkplug's past, we kicked off our new site with the long-awaited hour long interview between Zak Sally and Dylan Williams from the weekend of the first MIX, which can be credited with inspiring our own festival of recent vintage, Autoptic.



Dan Nadel and Anya Davidson, very impressed with my afternoon photogging. You really should pick up Anya's new book from Dan's publishing concern. You know what it is, I don't need to say it.


Fellow Minneapoliphiles, Tom Kaczynski and Peter Wartman.


This is my favorite Will Dinski photo EVER!


Did get a peek at yet another (totally NEW) Chris Adams book at the fest. Just looking at it made my face hurt b/c of all the smilling it was doing. More on that before the year is through. Not that you could see it, but he did bring it to the panel he was on, the "The New Minimalism". From left to right: Chris Adams, Andrew White, Derik Badman, Bill Kartalopoulos.


A blurred pre-panel chat between the full gaggle of talkers and balkers. From L to R: Frank Santoro/Jon McNaught/Simon Moreton/our own C-Adams/Andrew White blocked by Bill K., and moderator/discerning critic/cartoonist Derik Badman. A great panel was had, we hope it was captured by the SPXers for posterity. We'll share it as soon as we are made aware of its existence.

More talking/eating/drinking/meeting was had throughout and following the show, the details of which will be left for anecdotes and remembrences for those who care to ask us in person. I can't believe we didn't have any photos of Saman and his great new book, Abyss, we debuted alongside Anna's, but lots of attention has been paid to it, and rightly so.

We had a great time, can't wait to trouble the fringes of 'alt comics' again next year.

Next: Anna's touring for Out of Hollow Water continues locally at the Rain Taxi Book Fest in St. Paul, and concludes nationally with 2DC's first appearance at SHORT RUN over t-giv weekend. One more gem from Mr. Adams also on the way to put a cap on the year. Lots of re-grouping, reflecting, re-organizing, planning, and scheming to come in the colder months, expect some announcements concering 2014 very soon. We can't wait to get next year's books to you and everyone else, trust us. RDIQUV.

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