Pull Back The Curtain Part Way: 2014 Titles Announced

By 2D Cloud on December 11, 2013

2013 is not yet done. Over the last couple of weeks left to us we'll have a few more announcements relating to this years titles. The video above pertains to a certain Christmas Special. It's a 2 parter, so, more on that after I take a nap. Also, there is a contest...

For 2014 we have FIVE large book length works coming from some amazing talents. Next month we'll have a whole lot more about these titles to reveal, as well as some news regarding our ongoing online expansion. On that note, taste some of this Prizon Food. New weekly flavors incoming starting Thursday January 2nd:

Our spring / summer slate includes:


The comics of the Holden brothers has a deadpan, absurd sense of humor perfectly offset by the scrawled, often manic nature of their linework.

-- Rob Clough, Comics Critic for High-Low & the Comics Journal


Mark Connery's work is incredibly inspiring. His zines are portals to other dimensions where cats and ducks and fish-men engage in metaphysical shop-talk. At first it may seem that logic has been abolished, but the cartoon laws of punchline and gag still hold, creating hilarious friction. A comedic timing worthy of Bushmiller has been transplanted into an anarchist scratch-scape. Importantly, Connery connects comix with spiritual predecessors: artist books, punk rock utopianism, psychedelic nonsense, surrealist automatic writing, dreams and daydreams...which is exactly what I want to read. I LOVE RUDY!

-- Matthew Thurber, 1-800-MICE, Infomaniacs


MariNaomi tells honest stories about her love life. Sometimes they’re sweet, sometimes painfully embarrassing...but they’re so genuine every time.

-- Bitch Magazine

In this collection of thought-provoking, emotionally honest graphic vignettes, many of which first appeared on theRumpus.net as the series “Smoke In Your Eyes,” MariNaomi explores a wide spectrum of topics including youthful rebellion, morality, disillusionment and compansion. These poignant stories, some filled with hope, others tinged with remorse, are sure to appeal to even the most discerning reader.

For our fall / winter titles, below is a tease. More to be revealed next month! Q.jpg

tempcover.jpg Rudolf Stingel at Palazzo Grassi

Illustration by Blaise Larmee

Raighne Hogan Dec 9 (2 days ago) Hi Blaise. So, I've started tinkering a bit w/ Archive 2, After the shower, C... 5 older messages

blaise 10:15 PM (13 hours ago) hm ... it is a little difficult ... i will try

Raighne Hogan 10:16 PM (13 hours ago)

to me Thanks Blaise! —

People who like to write/draw have a template they follow. I suppose I do too. My template is maybe at the poles of objective and subjective language. Creating a space (how often have I said that phrase) where my gestures can be interpreted ambiguously. Not the concrete ambiguity that I am so often accused of, but an ambiguous ambiguity, something that could easily be sincere or attempting to convey a direct message. Here is a direct message: recursion is a safe space, a rhythmic space, a space to build up a confidence of language. The context of that sentence, however, might seem to be avoiding following a thought to its conclusion. Or any sort of middle, even. Or simply to be stuck in the middle. Recursion ... I'm not sure what I'm doing. Recently I have wondered, without much emotion, whether I have failed as an artist. This is something that is easy to admit. I have come to understand that any embarrassment I move through (imagine two walls of revolving latex I must squeeze through) is a good thing, good meaning a morally ambiguous movement towards my role as a lower middle class artist with upper class pretensions. A movement towards capitalism, towards financial success. Failure ... I have created a template and the template is not strongly rooted. It is [a number of popular academic terms] and designed for a lifestyle that is secure, whose security allows the practice to float freely and lazily. Now, however, being working class (and not just performing the working class in a rarified realm) I wonder if I have made a mistake in refusing to tether myself to outward, mnemonic work habits. Of course, this is the perfect place to store these (rather minor) insecurities: copy for a new, published book. This book was edited by Raighne Hogan, who made an interesting and somewhat exhausting selection of existing work, including a surprising amount of photographic works, and there will be a large body of new work as well.


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