Live Comics Reading at Ada Books AND RIPExpo WEEKEND

By Raighne Hogan on July 30, 2014


RIPExpo kicks off this weekend and I am some how even more frazzled than ever! Miracle of MIRACLES. I've landed in Chicago for the day via Megabus and will be on the Amtrak for 2 days. Unfortunately, I missed Andy Burkholder while in town, as I have a galley of his book Qviet on hand. But he is painting a house (?!) in some suburb and my fried and fired brain cannot fathom what the fuck the metra train is.

Ha ha, cry cry, i am so tired, i am sooo triiied - burrghh...


Anyways, on Friday we are having a Live Comics Reading at Ada Books. Featuring:

Alabaster (Mimi and the Wolves, self-published)
Sarah Ferrick (Close to You, Sonatina)
Blaise Larmee (Comets Comets, 2D Cloud)
Leslie Weibeler (Bow vs Bow, Sonatina)
Lale Westvind (Other Way, Pegacorn Press)

This will be followed by a talk and brief Q+A session.

The event will run from 3pm-5pm. For more details.

Blaise Larmee and myself will be at the 2DC table. Speaking of Blaise, his new full color 32 page mini, Comet Comets, will debuting at the festival, as will Noah Van Sciver's "I Don't Hate Your Guts" (which is also full color & 32 papes).

cometscometsRIPE14pic.jpg Tease, Tease, say you'll buy 'em please, please :) IDHYG4ripe2014web.jpg