Adventure Times: Post LAABF 2014

By Raighne Hogan on February 09, 2014



To make hitting more shows this year easier, Justin and I decided to try to get better at splitting these things up. So, Maggie and I got the LA ART BOOK FAIR, which kicks off our 2014 touring season. The LAABF proved to be rather epic. When I booked our table, I didn't realize it was 4 days of tabling, Jiminy Cricket! A rather daunting number. Most of the shows we did last year were 1-2 days, so we weren't really sure what to expect for a BOOK show vs a COMIC or ZINE show.

Luckily, it turned out great. Traffic was rather bonkers (I believe there was somewhere around 25,000 people running through the show for the 4 days it was open). Getting to the Geffen Contemporary and back to where we were resting our heads each day was a bit of a trek (1hr there and sometimes 2hrs back!), as we were staying with some wonderful family in Studio City.


Maggie looks out the window, 3 hours still to go.


We apparently missed LA and landed in VEGAN WORLD.


Blurry photogging by yours truly, and Maggie not looking at the camera -- yeah, I still got it.


Me and my giant infant head. Oh, and our 2dc table. I foolishy didn't take a whole lot of photos. Half of PRIZON FOOD, Joe Gillette, a.k.a PARTY FOOD, made a surprise appearance at the opening Friday night. He watched our table while Maggie and I got to wander around a bit. Briefly got to see/chat with Tom Neely, Keenan Keller, IP Press, Aidan Koch, Secret Headquarters, and probably a few other faces/spaces? Just about all of our money was spent at the kickoff :)


Gary, MariNaomi's husband, took this goofy photo of Maggie and I with Mari. I apparently don't know what to do with my arms! We had a lot of fun tabling with Mari, picked up some great tips too :)

Fellow Minneapolis'er and Autoptic pal, Anders Nilsen, stopped by our table. Always great to see that guy. He and Michael DeForge had a couple signings out that way for their latest D&Q releases. Unfortunately they all seemed to take place after we got back to MN. Sad Pandas.

Maddie Queripel and Toby Jones also stopped by and tabled with us for a spell over the weekend -- pushing their great comic Arthur Turnkey, which you really should pick up. I mean, it's ON SALE RIGHT NOW. Part 2 of their comic should see light sometime this year. Maybe... FINGERS CROSSED!

Again, sadly, I am a fool and did not take photos of Maddie and Toby either :(


Monday monday monday. We got to hang out more with MariNaomi on Monday, driving around, hitting shops. Dropping off some 2DC comics and buying more books to fit in our tiny tiny luggage. A lot of fun! Anyways, we'll have more to say and show about the shops soon.



LAABF-14-9.jpg LAABF-14-10.jpg LAABF-14-11.jpg

Everyone wants to this steal this puppy. So very cute!

LAABF-14-12.jpg LAABF-14-13.jpg


Cool creatures, Maggie wants...


This guy ended up coming home with us. Very cool!


...and Maggie and I head back to the frozen tundra that is Minneapolis. Always end up missing more than we're able to see, but a fun time was had, and maybe we'll be able to catch more next time! Thanks for reading!