By 2D Cloud on February 13, 2014

Art repurposed from Christopher Adams 'Strong Eye Contact'

Hello fellow travelers. Yup, you heard it right, we are having a good old fashioned sale. No need for a code or whathaveyou. Just head to our online shop and all items are priced as marked. And yes, just about ALL 2D Cloud published titles are on sale. What's more, these prices are priced for retailers to get in on the deal. If you are a retailer, just head to our wholesale shop page and shoot us a line regarding titles and quantites to get on board!

Oh, an important detail: the sale runs through the end of February. So, don't wait too long!

And if you are interested in the nitty gritty, this sale is 3 fold:

  1. To thank you for your past patronage, and hopefully future patronage too ;)
  2. To help us raise some capital for the year ahead (we are stupid ambitious, haha).
  3. And finally to make some headway in direct relations with shops.

Anyways, happy valentines day! <3