Detrimental Information
John HoldenLuke Holden

296 pages
6 × 7 inches
4 color cover
black & white interiors

  • An odyssey of the everlasting nature of boyhood told via poems, short stories, crude scrawls and xeroxed doodles. 13 years worth of American tales are strung together in a fast and loose zig-zag formation, leaving the reader out of breath and full of tearful laughter.

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    [With] an undeniable cumulative power ... Detrimental Information is at its best when John Holden shares accounts of an expanding sexual consciousness, which the stories capture with unflinching specificity. The Comics Journal

    Small naked creatures populate the page...buzzing [with] kinetic energy to the quick-paced tales...hilarious, but the rough, provocative, naive art narrows its appeal. Publishers Weekly

    Detrimental Information is wrong. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. There is no good reason that it should exist. Except that I love it, and it made me laugh like a hyena, and wish that more things were like it; don't you? Sure you do. Also, John and Luke are BIBLE NAMES, so it all must be okay.”
    — Zak Sally

    The comics of the Holden brothers has a deadpan, absurd sense of humor perfectly offset by the scrawled, often manic nature of their linework."
    — Rob Clough

    Detrimental Information is both hilarious and honest - a delicious quirky treat. John's stories and Luke's illustrations combine to create something riotous and oddly poignant. It's one of my favorite zines out there."
    — Gabrielle Congrave

    If I had found and read Detrimental Information when I was a kid I would have known that I wasn't alone."
    — Robnoxious