Deep in the Woods
Noah Van SciverNicholas Breutzman

30 pages
11.5 × 17.5 inches
color cover
black and white interiors

  • Levitating disembodied cow heads, crack witches, mutant children, urban myths, half-remembered folklore: from the minds of Noah Van Sciver and Nic Breutzman comes Deep in the Woods, a double feature that pairs two of 2dcloud’s favorite cartoonists in one oversized newsprint.

    Robin, the dutiful daughter of a drunk runs away from her home, an evil step-family, deeper into the haunted woods. Who knows what she’ll find? Whiskey's solace? A floating cow head's kiss? Find out in Noah Van Sciver’s The Cow’s Head.

    Heartbroken Sammy must convince her grandfather to crawl out of the well he’s holed himself up in. But first, it’s a walk through the woods with googly eyed mutant brothers and a stop at the crack witches hut for a ssssmoke. Take a toke with Nicholas Breutzman’s The Mayfly.

    The tales provide a nice one/two, with van Sciver’s art style typically looser, visceral, all dense blacks, while his comic is lighter in tone and humour, providing a complimentary contrast to Bretzman’s fine lined, clean, cartoony illustrations, but inherently darker story. Comics Beat

    Van Sciver provides an atmospheric and creepy little adventure in these pages revolving around ideas of self-sacrifice and integrity. Broken Frontier

    Deep in the Woods by Noah Van Sciver and Nic Breutzman, funded in part via Kickstarter.

    Is Noah Van Sciver the finest cartoonist of his generation? It certainly seems like he’s on the path to earn that title... and Breutzman does [] well enough here that I’m going to keep an eye out for what he does next time. Robot 6 / Comic Book Resources

    ...two words that first come to mind when I consider Breutzman's story are bleak and surreal. Every character is fucked up in some way -- either they're on drugs, or they're emotionally devastated, or they're some sort of bizarre mutant, or they're an oddball combination of all three. Your Chicken Enemy