Nobody is publishing weird, avant-garde, and visually innovative art comix like 2dcloud. It’s the kind of work that, by its very nature, will never be lucrative, but they do it because they believe in artists, and I believe in them.

    I want to see art with a unique hand. I want artists that tell stories no one else can. I want my visual vocabulary expanded when I look at what you do. Comics that look how a comic should look are for babies and for the birds. — Julia Gfrörer, author of Laid Waste, and Black is the Color

    Visually stunning curated boxes of artist books, zines, and graphic novels from $9-$99.

    SPRING BOX 2019

    Mirror 3 Haejin Park, Paige Mehrer, Sophie Page
    Copy Kitty by Kyung Me
    Röhner by Max Baitinger
    Yet Here We Are Dealing With The Things We Should Have Ignored by Tommi Parrish
    Grand Electric Thought Power Mother by Lale Westvind, edited by Kim Jooha
    Hotel Vibes by Chou Yi, edited by Kim Jooha
    Diary Comics by Tara Booth