Saman Bemel-Benrud

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40 pages
5.5 × 8.5 inches
2 color cover
2 color interior

  • Abyss is a comic about burritos, construction sites, and the Internet. It is a BEST AMERICAN COMICS 2014 Notable title, selected by Bill Kartalopoulos. It also made The Comics Reporter Group-Facilitated Reconsideration List, 2013 and was reviewed on Big Planet Comics Podcast.

    ...its primary power lies in its presentation of these mundane markers of late capitalism into vessels of wonder and terror — abysses that can be fallen into, home to ghosts that open one’s eyes to new states of being enabled by the same device you used to pre-order your burrito. Vorpalizer

    ...a weird, hypnotic and funny tale of two people looking for a burrito and running into the changing urban landscape of the modern world. Bemel-Benrud drawings are seemingly quickly laid down on paper, but his sense of pacing and the cold emptiness of the environment his characters find themselves in are perfect for the story he is telling. Mental Floss

    Comics like Abyss provide observational commentary on a process whose end is beyond our current ken. Comics Bulletin

    ...an interesting little comic... wherein critiques of capitalism and the architecture that emerges as a result are engaged. Rob Clough