Ablatio Penis
Will Dinski

48 pages
6 × 8 inches
pamphlet bound with red staples
color cover
white & blue interior

  • Ablatio Penis follows the rise of all-American politician André St. Louis. The Republican St. Louis is a workingman's hero—out to save the economy and create jobs while still remaining charming, suave and good with the ladies. This graphic novella chronicles the capriciousness of the election cycle and explores the persona of the American politician. Read an interview with Will about Ablatio Penis in Stubble Magazine.

    Ablatio Penis made Forbidden Planet's Best of the Year 2012 list.

    ...a political tale of surprising subtlety and dimension. Indie Reader

    Dinski’s self-imposed constraints leave him little room to work, yet the art is precise and complete, allowing a storytelling style that’s both swift and expressive.
    — Mill City Bibliophile

    Dinski, a long-time favorite of mine, loves to misdirect and redirect a reader's attention in interesting ways in his narratives, which is especially fitting here considering that the story is about an election. Rob Clough

    Ablatio Penis raised, for me at least, some interesting questions about politics, men and women, sexuality, stereotypes, and above all, whether or not we, as a country, really want the truth from our politicians..." Paper Darts