A Tunnel to Another Place
Apolo Cacho

32 pages
5 × 7 inches
3 color risograph cover
1 color risograph interior

  • A Tunnel to Another Place is a parable with pop beats; political and poetic. Spidery lines trace the decay of capitalism’s modern mythology with fantastical flourish.

    Apolo Cacho is from Mexico City. Since 2011 he has self-published his work through photocopies and low cost printing systems, developing an activity that covers painting, comic books and drawing. He was selected for a residence at La Maison des Auteurs in Angoulême, France, in 2014, where he worked on a project based on the violent events that took place in his country.

    Apolo Cacho’s work [is] a mixture of perverse, obscure, morbid but also magical and beautiful. — Juxtapoz

    A dystopian wasteland stretches as far as the eye can see in the world of Apolo Cacho. — Creators Project