Blaise Larmee

176 pages
7 × 10 inches
1, 2, & 5 color offset
french fold jacket

2001 is a vessel that takes itself in as it unfolds in many directions.
— Maggie Umber

Vast starfields cover [2001], truly giving a "ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space" feel to the actions of its running, leaping, dancing, chatting characters.
— Comic Book Resources

Thoughtful, concise, elegant ― Blaise Larmee's 2001 manages to traverse vast expanses of thought, excavating ideas with a strange and lovely discordant cohesion.
— Hall Hassi, kE7

Blaise Larmee continues his examination of comics and the self within the physical, mental, and theoretic grid.
— Aidan Koch, After Nothing Comes

A conceptually tight and dense book of intellectual and romantic comics, drawings, and related materials, jacketed by Japanese and South Korean flags. 2001 begins at the center with the titular comic and expands outward, leaving twin wakes of character sheets, architectural plans detritus, comics characters dialoguing about subjects such as love, sociology, and practice, drawings made with lighters, letters from his mother, short texts on linearity and goal-orientation in 5th grade. Larmee stages spacetime masterfully ― and without claim of copyright ― in this explosive gift to the creative world, one of those books that thrives on its own nature as a book.

It is a BEST AMERICAN COMICS 2019 Notable title, selected by Bill Kartalopoulos.